Dr. Fahad Hashmat has graduated from Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi, Pakistan. He graduated from Kaweah Delta Graduate Medical Education in 2016. He was the first batch of graduates from Kaweah Delta Hospital. He has been working as a hospitalist at Kaweah Delta Hospital since graduation. He likes sports and traveling.  

Dr. Elizabeth Sasaki is an experienced Family Medicine Physician serving Central Valley for many years. She is well rounded in managing conditions like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, hypothyroidism and more. It is always fun to have her around. 

Eugenia Magahis is a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in adult and geriatric medicine. She also specializes in providing Botox injections and Vitamin Infusions. She obtained her Masters Degree in Nursing Practice from Walden University, Minneapolis and her Doctorate degree from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Eugenia comes with 7 years of experience as an NP.  She started her career in the Urgent Care Clinic and adult primary care practice. She is currently working at Kaweah Health as a cardiology NP.